Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nuggets - Pacers

Just a quick note on the Nuggets - Pacers game on Saturday night. My Dish Network DVR has been flaky of late recording so when I went to check if it was working (it wasnt') it was right at the end of the first half. I looked at the score and thought, "74-56 there is no chance." But I recorded the rest of the game anyway.

I tuned in midway through the 4th quarter to see the Nuggets finish their comeback, take the lead, and then extend the lead. Wow! Now in that quarter they were playing some defense. They were blocking out. And the Nuggets were pretty much unstoppable. If they can just learn to play this way for 4 quarters, the sky is the limit.

I thought KMart looked especially good defensively and on the boards.

Way to go Nuggets.

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