Monday, October 01, 2007

Hope Solo's Comments at Women's World Cup

I saw Hope Solo's comments after the USA's 4-0 loss to Brazil. If you haven't heard them she basically said and I paraphrase.
I'm the best goalkeeper on the team. If I started, I would have kept out a number of the goals. The coach shouldn't have started Briana Scurry because of what she did in the past. The team should be picked based on performance, not reputation.
Although these comments are impolite and draw attention to the defenses poor performance and specifically to Scurry, they are pretty much right on. If you have had one keeper play the entire tournament with basically the same defense, why change what is working?

I think the blight of political correctness has raised its ugly head in this situation. Although its probably not the best idea for team unity to criticize your coach and team mate I hardly think banishment is the appropriate punishment. Hope Solo spoke the truth and deserves some recognition for saying what needed to be said. Typical punish the messenger for the message bovine feces.


I set up this blog a couple years ago and then moved it to another site. Well I'm moving it back to help simplify my life.

Also, originally it originally gonna be about politics, sports, whatever. But make things so broad never works. So this blog is only gonna focus on the NBA and soccer. Mainly English soccer as that is what I enjoy watching, but I'll also post on the MLS and US Soccer in general when stuff comes up.

Hope you enjoy it.