Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Phil Fired by Chelsea

Wow. What can one say about this. You can win the world cup. Come very close to winning the European Cup. But, in England if you aren't in first place after 6 months you can't coach.

Chelsea does not seem to be setting itself up for long team success. They have no players coming through their youth system. No purchases of promising young players. When the owner runs out of money, they are gonna be in trouble.

ARod Steroids

ARod tested positive for a forbidden substance in 2003. I'm shocked, shocked to learn a baseball player may have taken 'roids! He took an anonymous test and at the time broke no rules. For all we know, he could have tested positive for ephedrine or something silly like that.

Anyway, the media hype over this has been ridiculous. To listen to sports talk radio, no player from the '90s will even be considered for the Hall of Fame. They are all tainted. I think we need to start drug testing sports writers. If they have taken any illegal substances, they can't be hall of fame voters. :)