Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nuggets 120 - Seattle 103

Nice win for the Nuggets. But, the game was close right up to the fourth quarter when the Nuggets pulled away. Iverson and Melo looked great. Looks like Klieza has been working on his outside shot as he nailed a bunch of 3's.

Same concerns for me from last year. Transition defense looks shaky. Perimiter defense also looks shaky and no one boxes out. Unless those things improve, the Nuggets won't be challenging the Spurs or the Mavs this year.

Fantasy Notes
  • KMart will be limited to 20 minutes a night for some time. Doctor's orders.
  • Nene's coming back from an injury. Look for his stats to be a bit low to start off. Probably a good 2nd or 3rd center pickup off of waivers.
  • When the 3 bigs are all healthy, each person's stats are gonna suffer. So I would not plan to have any of the three as your starter at PF or C.
  • Who is gonna end up at the 2 guard is a mystery, both Adkins and JR Smith are injured. Karl didn't exactly give Smith a huge vote of confidence on his radio show yesterday. If he starts to play defense, expect his minutes to go up and him to be a big contributor. If he doesn't, I would expect the opposite and that he would be traded by the trade deadline.

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