Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plus/Minus Indicative of Faried Trade?

Have you seen the plus/minus from last night's Nugget game (Denver v Phoenix)?  Box Score.

Starters = -101
Subs = + 75

Which begs the question, why are Faried and Hickson starting when Mozgov and Arthur are clearly better?

My guess is the Nuggets are trying to trade Faried so they are showcasing him as a starter.  His lack of defensive acumen has been bugging me for a month now. Pretty much every person he checks has a career night.

Part of that is not his fault. Kenneth is clearly not a power forward. He is a small forward who can rebound.  But I am beginning to think he clearly prefers playing on the offensive end to doing anything on defense. So from a cost benefit point of view, he is generally going to be a liability. No better time than now to trade him while there is still a lot of buzz about him in the NBA.

Will he be traded?  Will he stay and get moved the bench?  Or will things stay status quo? It will be interesting to see what happens.

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