Saturday, August 15, 2009

Orton and Broncos Offense Not That Bad

Well the Broncos first preseason game was last night. Starting quarterback Kyle Orton threw 3 interceptions in the first half. From what I can see, that is all the media is writing about.

What they fail to mention is the Broncos offense seemed to be able to move the ball pretty well. Both in the first half and second half (when Chris Simms was the QB), they offense had a number of very effective drives. The passing game looked good and well as the running game.

In addition, the defense played fairly well. If not for Orton's third interception on the Broncos own 20, the Niner's would have scored only 1 TD in the whole game.

In regards to Orton's first half. If he continues to throw that many interceptions, he won't be the starter. Heck, he won't make the team if that continues. lol. Expect a better performance next week. Either Orton or Simms will emerge as the starter. In this offense, either player can be just as successful as Jay Cutler would have been.

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