Saturday, February 23, 2008

Newcastle is just not very good

After watching ManU just spank Newcastle, one has to say that Newcastle United is just not a very good team. They have difficulty holding onto the ball. They don't defend well, and rarely do they look like they have any chance to score from the run of play.

All professional leagues are about the players. I think the teams moves in regard to their academy and the development of young talent is a good idea and will be the key to the success of the club in the long team. A good manager can help a team marginally, but in the end, great players will make up for any coaching deficiencies. Today's game is a shining example of that. On every part of the field, one team was clearly superior talentwise.

Newcastle fans wanted Big Sam gone because they didn't like his style of play. Well I don't think any change in style is going to help this team. Keegan needs to bring in some more talent in any way he can. Or, Newcastle will drop right into the relegation battle.

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